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Backup Local Drive
Backup USB Drive
Synchronize Computers 
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Key Features
Backup Local Drive
Backup USB Drive
Sync two Computers
How to Backup Files from USB Drive to Local Computer

Backup copies your files or folders from your USB device to local hard disk.

1. User setup for the first time

 After you finished the program installation, and then a "Configuration Wizard" windows will pop up. Please click the "Next" button to go to the  "Automatic Action" windows (see below image).

Please select the second checkbox - "Backup USB Drive" then click the "Next" button to go to the next windows.

In selected windows, just click what your want to do backup from the Directory Tree. Please see the below image.

2. Add some new files or folders to your Backup Archived

If the program has already works well in "Backup USB Drive" mode, but you have some new files or folders which not coverage into your current Backup configuration files, and you just want to add them into your old Backup Archived. Please follow the below:

Please enter into the" Advanced Mode", then open the "Files to Backup/Sync" windows, and click the checkbox to select what you want to add.

3. Change your Backup Type

If you have setup the program to do some other Backup Type, for example, "Backup Local Files to USB" or "Sync" etc, but now, you want to change it into the "Backup USB drive to Local", please follow the below instructions.

Open the  "Actions" windows in Advanced mode, then select the "Backup" and "Backup USB Drive to Local", please see the below image.

More backup behavior descriptions:

In "Type of backup action" you can change your backup behavior.

1. Incremental - backup only new and updated files on the USB drive to the local computer

2. Complete - backup all the files from the USB drive to the local computer - overwriting existing copies

3. Time Stamped - each time the USB drive is inserted into the computer a time-stamped directory containing the specified USB drive files will be created.

4. Check your Backup Archived





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