portable backup


Have Complete Portability with USB Backup


Automatic USB Backup Portable is a version of the program, which you can run directly from a removable drives (USB flash/pendrive, ipod, portable hdd) on any Windows computer without installation.


Automatic USB Backup Portable features:

You don't need to install Automatic USB Backup software on every computer - the portable program installed only once on your removable device;

The program doesn't save files or folders on the host PC. You can carry the program with backup settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer;

The program doesn't require additional software to be installed on your PC;

The program continues to work when you move computers and your removable drive letter changes.


USB Backup Portable main Benefits:



You can use USB Backup Portable to easily keep two or more non-connected computers in sync using a USB flash or other portable drive.



USB Backup Portable runs from the portable device itself, not on the host computer. Therefore you can install and run USB Backup Portable even when you don't have administrator rights or installing software is prohibited on the host computer.


  3 You only need one license for USB Backup Portable, so you can buy one USB Backup Portable license and keep several computers in sync. Please note that USB Backup Portable will not run on a USB drive insert, as this feature only enable on Automatic USB Backup desktop installed edition.