usb backup key features

Key Features


Automatically detects and backup
Automatic USB Backup starts with your PC and constantly monitors your files and attached USB storage devices, ensuring that your backup is 100% up to date.



Specify which devices to backup
Not every USB device that you connect to your PC needs to be backed up. The prompt box allows you to quickly decide whether you wish to make a backup or not, ensuring that Automatic USB Backup runs as effectively as possible.



Delayed Backup
Auto Backup has an inbuilt delay, this ensures that your computer can still load quickly. The prompt box allows you to quickly decide whether you wish to make a backup or not,



Bi-directional backup support
Backup Local drive to USB Drive, or backup USB Drive to Local PC.



Real-time monitor
Monitor the data files on your computer and USB Drive. It automatically backs up your most critical files the moment they are saved.


  Files Synchronization
Automatically synchronize multiple files and folders between two or more Computers use one USB storage device.


Silent backup runs quietly in the background
User can selects the 'Silent mode' to do a secretly backup. Automatic USB Backup is set to a low priority, this ensures that it will not hog your system's resources when other programs are running. This enables it to run unnoticed in the background. (hold down the 'ALT' key on program startup to switch the normal window).



Non-proprietary archive format
Use the Windows file system to save your backup archives. You do not need any program to access or restore your backup sets - so they will be accessible for years to come (even if you switch operating systems!)



Standard Zip Compression model option
Utilize industry standard ZIP compression to maximize the number of files you can store on your USB drive. Even though your files are compressed, you will still be able to access your backup archive from Windows Explorer and other operating systems.



Deleted File Protections (Unlimited Undo)
Did you accidentally restore to an older version of a file? No problem. By default, We make a backup copy of every file it overwrites, so you can go back to any preexisting version.



Backup over a LAN (Local Area Network)
Simple select your network place and add your files in the file folder tree window in advanced mode, then you can backup the LAN (Local Area Network) drive to USB drive.



More backup types
Incremental backup
Full backup (Completely - Overwrite all items)
New - Copy only new
Completely new archive each time
Time Stamped (Keeps a number of backup copies)


More restores options
Full restore
Selective restore
manually restore using Windows Explorer


Quickly pause and restart backups
The system tray icon allows you to quickly start and stop backups, this gives you enhanced control of your backups.


Multi Threaded
Automatic USB Backup makes use of multi threading, this allows single and dual core processors (such as Intel's new Core 2 Duo) to run Automatic USB Backup efficiently.



Flexible File and Folder Selected
You can browse a folder tree to select individual files and folders to be backed up.



Easy to install:
Installation is through a simple Wizard interface and takes just seconds. Advanced program behavior can then be fine-tuned through dozens of options in the advanced menu.