backup usb drive to PC

Auto backup USB drive to computer

USB Flash Drives have changed the way we use to carry data from one place to another. No need to carry your laptops for those presentations at client meetings, or CD ROMs; USB Flash Drives are there for your help.


These tiny sticks, which easily disappear in your pockets, are convenience personified.

Many users feel a requirement of a convenient tool to automatically backup the files and folders on their USB Flash Drives to their computers. Here is the Automatic USB

auto backup usb drive to computer

Backup a software program tool, which does the job automatically.

Automatic USB Backup  is a small Windows utility which has a major feature to back up your flash drives and storage cards on the fly. It runs in the background and copies files from inserted media to a safe location on your hard drive. It automizes the manual and time-consuming process of backup, thus letting you peace of mind and saving you lots of time.


After installing Automatic USB Backup in your computer, you will be required to create a backup profile  for your USB disk drive,  after that everything is automated. As soon as you plug in the USB disk drive in your computer, the backup will automatically start.