• Backup files to USB drive

    We use Automatic USB Backup to backup all the pictures of my family.

  • sync files between work computers and home computer

    I use Automatic USB Backup to keep my work computers in sync with my home computer.

  • backup usb flash data to computers

    I use Automatic USB Backup to backup my USB flash data to my computers automatically.

  • backup computers data files to USB backup drives

    I use Automatic USB Backup to keep all my office desktops and laptops in USB backup drives.

  • use usb backup to backup my data

    I use Automatic USB Backup to keep my digital data.

  • use automatic usb backup move files between computers

    I use Automatic USB Backup moving my files from the college lab to my home PCs.


Automatic USB backup software is simple to setup and easy to understand and use, while it still offering a very good set of features, all configuration is accessable via Advanced mode inerface. The USB Backup program has a slick modern interface that makes it easy on the eyes, as well as to navigate. A friendly wizard that guides user the process of defining a backup job.



You have your original as well as backup in your physical possession, without using intermediate servers that store your files. Your data isn't always immune to search and seizure by local government entities. In the U.S., for example, any cloud storage company could be served a subpoena requiring them to open their clients' data for government examination.



Automatic USB Backup also supports and works fine with USB 3.0 devices. The advantage to back up to an USB 3.0 device is the transmission speed which is up to 5 Gbit/s, 10 times faster than USB2.0 (480 Mbit/s). USB 3.0 significantly reduces the time required for data transmission, reduces power consumption, and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0.



You no longer have to remember when you need to back up your data, just plug in the USB drive the backup will automatically start. Addition, the USB Backup software can be easily configured for use by several different computers and is idea for use in office or home environment. It will select your configuration files automatically when the USB backup drive is plugged into your system.


Transforms your USB storage device into a plug-n-play Backup Appliance

Automatic USB Backup software supports all USB drives, including: pen drive, thumb drive, USB flash drive, USB key, memory stick, USB hard disk, SD card, etc. The software literally transforms your USB storage device, be it a portable external HDD or flash pen drive, into a plug-n-play Backup Appliance, thus making data protection simple, cost effective and extremely portable.

USB backup drive

Two way backup and PC sync no need networks connection

Automatic USB Backup & Synchronize is an ideal solution for two-ways USB backup and PC synchronization! It can come with an USB backup drive configuration wizard simple user interface, that allows you to quickly configure the software performs which action automatically when the USB backup drive plug in, for example, backup files to USB drive, backup USB drive to local or synchronize files between multi computers.

two way backup

Completed file backup algorithm and restore and easy file and folder selection

Automatic USB Backup can perform Five backup types: Incremental backup, Mirror, Full backup, Copy only new, keeps file backup versions, etc. And also provide more restores options, like full restore, selective restore,
manually restore using Windows Explorer, etc. You can browse a folder tree to select individual files and folders as source of the backup or you
can include or exclude them individual.

backup algo

Real Time Backup and Silent Backup mode

Some data changes at such a fast rate that scheduled backups and on demand backups are just not enough. For example, files and documents you are currently working on changes every few seconds. If you setup Automatic USB Backup files in real-time mode, this won't be a problem. Automatic USB Backup also provides the Silent Backup Mode. Running this mode it does not show itself while continue copying and backing up inserted media.

real time backup